Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Zach Chronicles is now available!

"The Zach Chronicles: My First Book of Poor Life Choices" is now available on Amazon, in print and for the Kindle.

A long time ago I lived with a guy named Zach.  We met through a mutual friend on AOL, back in the day.  I had grown up in a very strict revivalist cult and had recently quit.  I was turned lose on my own and sort of figured things out as I went along.  It's basically a bunch of stories of me being a dumbass and trying to make my way in the world.  I mean, a complete dumbass.

Thankfully, when I called Zach to get his permission to use his real name, he was a few martinis into the evening and agreed.

I wrote the whole thing with little editing because I was trying to stay true to my voice, and the sort of casual writing that goes along with the theme of the book.  It is layer upon layer of silly, not to be taken seriously, and hopefully you can sit down and have a few giggles.  :)

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